Nesting Lists

We can nest the ordered or the unordered lists.  We can even list a mix of them.

Let’s see this in our example below:

    <title>My  Learning Plan</title>
        <h1>Hi, I'm learning  HTML.</h1>
        <p>I will use it for <i>developing web pages</i>.
        It is very easy and simple.</p>
        <hr />
        <!-- Here I  will list my training plan for this year -->
        <p>This is <em>part of my learning plan for this year</em>. 
           <u>Which will include:</u></p>
            <li>Programming  Languages
                    <li>ASP.Net C#</li>
            <li>Microsoft  Windows Server</li>
        <p>While in the  next year the plan will be:<p>
                    <li>SQL Server</li>
                    <li>Microsoft  Access</li>
            <li>Oracle  Database</li>
            <li>Microsoft  Access Database</li>


The result will be as follows: