Character Entities

  • Special characters like white space, the & sign, the copyright mark © and many are included in my text articles.
  • Special characters can sometime confuse the browser, leading to displaying them incorrectly, they sometimes interfere with the HTML syntax.
  • A white space for instance, will not be interpreted as a space as browsers usually neglect white spaces.
  • For example:
    •   represents a white space that will be forced at the location where it.
    • ® will display the registration mark like this: ®.
    • $ will display the dollar sign $.
    • © will display the copyright mark ©.
    • % will display the percentage sign %.
  • Many other entity symbols are available, we always refer to HTML references of code editor help and its code since to find them.



<!doctype html>   

    <h1>Software Sales Report</h1>

    <p>50&#37;  of our computer software customers comes from the computer 
    science and Engineering school,  where, their revenue per months reaches 

    <h2>We found these facts:</h2>

    Microsoft Windows&reg;&nbsp; 30&#36;<br />
    Microsoft Office&reg;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25&#36;<br />

    <p>We should give good discount for  this reason.</p>

    <p>Well this is not the perfect way  of displaying tables in HTML, we just presented this way
    in a sake of providing an example  of using entity symbols.</b>



The output will be as follows: