• A division is a container that wraps a set of html parts.
  • It is used so that we can applying alignments, positioning, styling and defining layouts within the web page.
  • Divisions can be nested when needed.


Let’s define a division that will contain our learning plan in our example, the codes become like:

<!doctype html>   
    <title>My  Learning Plan</title>
    <h1>Hi, I'm  learning HTML.</h1>
    <p>I will use it  for <i>developing web pages</i>.  
    It is very easy and simple.</p>

    <hr />
        <p>This is <em>part of my learning plan</em>.  <u>Which will
        Html<br />
        JavaScript<br />
        And the Java Programming Language<br />

The output will be like the following

Note that no changes appeared in the output.  The <div> tag just wrapped that section of the page.  Later on we will learn how <div> can help in applying formatting and layouts in the page.