Riad Thalji Establishment News and Achievements

By Trainer Riyad Thalji, PMP, ITIL


Sample of Courses deliered by Trainer Riad Thalji for top organizations in different countries:

PMP Courses in Jordan

PMP Courses in Aqaba PMP Course for Talal Abu Ghaleh Group Public PMP Courses, Toledo Hotel, Amman, Jordan

KSA Flag

PMP Courses in Saudi Arabia

PMP Courses For Education Development Corp. Riyadh PMP Course for EWAAN Residence Construction, Jeddah PMP Course for the Ministry of Foregn Affiars, Riyadh, KSAPMP Course for the Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSASereies of PMP Courses for the National Water Company - NWC, Riyadn and Jeddah, KSAPublic PMP Course Attended by more than 23 participants in RiyadhPMP Course for Saudi Ministry of Municipalities, Paris, France

UAE Flag

PMP Courses in UAE

PMP Courses for Abu Dhabi Customs Department PMP Course for Turath Engineering Consultants (Al-Mazroui) - Abu Dhabi

Kuwait Flag

PMP Courses in Kuwait

PMP Courses for Kuwait Petroleum Company -KPC

PMP Courses for Kuwait Development Fund

Oman Flag

PMP Courses in Oman

PMP Courses for Oman Mining Company PMP Course for Oman Civil Services Ministry PMP Courses for Oman Mininstry of Municipalities and Water PMP Course for Sohar University, Oman

Iraq Flag

PMP Courses in Iraq

A series of PMP Courses for the Amirican University in Kurdestan, Iraq

Qatar Flag

PMP Courses in Qatar

PMP Course for AlRayyan TV, Qatar PMP Course for ASPIRE the organizers of Wold Soccer Cup 2022 in Qatar

Libya Flag

PMP Courses in Libya

PMP Course for the Libyan Petrolium Company - Mallita, at Raddison Blue, Tripoli

Yemen Flag

PMP Courses in Yemen

PMP Course for Yemen Telecom, in Kwala Lumpur


France Flag

PMP Courses in Paris

PMP Course for Saudi Ministry of Minicipalities, Paris, France

Malaysia Flag

PMP Courses in Kuala Lumpur

PMP Course for Yemen Telecom, Kwala Lumpur, Malasia
Trainer Riad Thalji Pic
Trainer Riad Thalji