Riad Thalji Establishment PMP®, Primavera®, IT Programming, and other Courses Unemployment Grants

Riad Thalji Establishment Dedicates a Grant for a number of Unemployed Professionals

This grant is dedicated for people who:

  • Are Not employed since two years or more Married
  • Total ownership values monitory + assets does not exceed US$5000
  • Think the Course will strongly promote the opportunities of obtaining a new job
  • High morale and reputation

If all the mentioned conditions applies to you, you are welcome to apply by email to Riyad@Thalji.net with a covering letter and CV.  We will be happy to see you with us.

Riad Thalji Establishment has the right to accept or reject any application without any justifications.

If admitted, Thalji will let you freely enroll in the needed course, and will provide you with free needed books, material and attendance certificate. This is our responsibility and not a favor we do.